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Karte Design Fabrik is a  is a boutique stationery company based in Berlin, Germany.

Founded in 2011 by Elizabeth Mckeown and Garreth Reardon, the company has been built around a distinct aesthetic that interweaves the values of its founders with the understated vibrance of the city in which it is created.

The Karte philosophy is to bring something out of the ordinary to the act of celebration and giving. Both in its design and production, Karte delivers product that feels distinctive, thoughtful and current.

I love designing cards and gift wrap because they aren’t a utilitarian product. Like an artwork, they exist purely to be beautiful and expressive.” - Liz, Founder

It is an approach which has meant Karte Design Fabrik is not only sold in the leading design firms in Germany but also around the world in artisan design stores and art galleries.

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